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Frequency Counter

Useful for testing two way radios for frequency measurement in the field or using on the bench, the M1 is a full range 50Hz-2.8GHz frequency counter. Using an embedded micro-controller along with our powerful custom OE40 counter IC, the M1 provides advanced features such as our Patented Digital Auto Filter, Digital Auto Capture and Data Storage. The M1 BNC input may be switched from 50OHm to 1 Meg OHm for use with a scope or low pass audio probe for in-circuit measurement of test points and oscillators.


TCXO Option

The M1 has an optional high stability 1ppm TCXO timebase. This is twice as stable over time and temperature than most frequency counters.




  • 50Hz-2.8GHz frequency range

  • 4-5 hour battery operation

  • 10 digit LCD display

  • 16 segment RF signal strength bargraph

  • 100 internal memories

  • High speed 250MHz direct count with 1Hz per second resolution

  • 10 gate times from 100 microseconds to 10 seconds

  • High impedance and 50 Ohm amplifiers for full range 50Hz - 2.8GHz coverage

  • Includes NiCads and power supply

  • Switchable 1 Meg Ohm input for use with a scope or low pass audio probe

  • Standard 1 ppm timebase

                              Technical Specifications


Frequency Range                      50Hz-2.8GHz

Input Impedance                       50 Ohm / 1Meg Ohm

Input Coupling                           AC

Max Input                                    +15dBm (50mW) 50V AC+DC @ 1 Meg Ohm

Frequency Time Base              10MHz +/- 1ppm initial accuracy / 1ppm TCXO option

Display                                         9 digit LCD

Size                                               3.7"H x 2.75"W x 1.2" D

Power Requirements                9-12VDC, 300-1000mA, center +

Battery                                         Internal rechargeable 4 cell NiCd

Battery run time                        6-8 hours on full charge

M1 Frequency Counter

DB32 antenna shown sold separately

M1 $549

                                     Input Sensitivity


50 Ohm   10MHz-2.8GHz             1 Meg Ohm 50Hz-40MHz

<10mV @ 10MHZ                     25mV @ 1kHz-10MHz

<3mV @ 27MHz                       40mV @ 10Mhz-40MHz

<3mV @ 150MHz

<5mV @ 450MHz

<5mV @ 800MHz

<12mV @ 1GHz

<25mV @ 2GHz

<100mV @ 2.8GHz


Download M1 manual

                                   Frequency Display Resolution


Range      Gate Select        Gate Time             LSD      Sample Display



250MHz          1                         .0001S                 10kHz          250.00

                          2                         .001S                   1kHz            250.000

                          3                         .01S                     100kHz        250.0000

                          4                         .1S                        10Hz            250.00000

                          5                         1S                         1Hz               250.000000 

                          6                         10S                       0.1Hz        250.0000000

2.8GHz            1                         .0064S                  10kHz          2800.00

                          2                         .064S                    1kHz            2800.000

                          3                         .64S                      100Hz          2800.0000

                    4                         6.4S                      10Hz         2800.00000

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