Antenna Paks

The importance of using a good antenna for your products should not be underestimated. Our wide band antennas like the DB32 and BB85 are useful for picking up a wide variety of signals. However, the narrow band antennas will usually do a better job in their respective frequency range than will a wide band antenna.


It is a good idea to experiment with different antennas to achieve different results. 


We offer three different antenna packages that offer savings over buying them separately. 

Antenna Pak 1

DB32, RD27, RD150, RD440, RD800,  TA100S


Antenna Pak 2

DB32, RD27, RD150, RD440, RD800, TA100S, BB85


Antenna Pak 3

DB32, RD27, RD150, RD440, RD800, RD2400, CELLOCK, TA100S, BB85


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