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      SD750 SPY Detector 
    Multi-Function SPY Detector
                 RF Bug Detector
       Hidden Camera Detector
           GPS Tracker Detector
   Superior Sensitivity Capability

The Optoelectronics, Inc. NEW multi-function SD750 SPY Detector works in the range of 50MHz-4GHz and has 6 Functions.  It not only will detect RF and listening  bugs, it will detect hidden cameras, wired cameras, wifi cameras, infrared night vision cameras, GPS locators, electro magnetic signals, has an anti theft alarm feature and even a flashlight.  This highly capable and functional tool is fully equipped to provide thorough sensitive detection of unwanted surveillance with easy to use functionality.  


The SD750 is compact and lightweight with a built in rechargable battery and sensitive electro magnetic antenna.  It has an audible or vibration alarm to alert when a signal is detected that can be selected for one or both alarms. Sensitivity is adjustable for several detection options.  This is the only product you will need to provide peace of mind against unwanted surveillance intrusion.




• Frequency Range 50MHz to 4GHz
• 6 Multi-Function SPY Detector
• RF Detector for Bugs, EM signals +
• Hidden Camera Detector can also detect wifi cams
• InfraRed Night Vision Camera Detector
• GPS Locator Detector
• Anti-Theft/movement alarm
• Flashlight function
• Adjustable sensitivity
• Operates on rechargeable lithium ion battery 
• Sensitive EM antenna built in

• Handheld compact size and lightweight
• Size: 5.9”H x 2.16”W x .67”D / Weight 0.20 LB





                                Technical Specifications


Frequency Range:                   50MHz-4GHz

Sensitivity:                                -65dbm-25dbm

Antenna:                                   Built-in sensitive electromagnetic antenna

Alert Modes:                            Beeper, Vibrator, both can be used together

Controls:                                   Sensitivity 

Size:                                           5.9"H x 2.16"W x .67"D

Weight:                                      lightweight 0.20 LB/3.2 oz

Battery:                                      Rechargeable internal lithium ion battery 

Operating Time:                       8 hour on full charge / 2 hour charge time

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