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Mini-SPY Detector
RF Bug Detector
       Hidden Camera Detector
  GPS Tracker Detector

The Optoelectronics, Inc. NEW SD650 Mini SPY Detector works in the range of 1 MHz-6.5 GHz and covers all 2G, 3G, 4G signals and has 4 Functions.  This compact and useful tool can provide simple and accurate detection of many surveillance types such as RF and listening bugs, phones, hidden cameras such as wired or wifi cameras, night vision cameras, as well as GPS locators attached through electro magnetic signal and RF.  Tiny and lightweight enough to fit in a shirt pocket and provide confidence of security at your convenience with a 60 day standby battery. 


The SD650 has a built in rechargable battery and is easy and intuitive to operate.  It has an LED light and audible beep alarm to alert when a signal is detected. Modes are RF/"Bug"/Phone signal detection, Hidden Camera Detection using Infrared LED technology and the built-in vision lens, Night Vision Detection using the Night Vision detection laser, and Magnetic Field/GPS Tracker detection using the included Tracker Detection Probe.  Sensitive, tiny and discreet at only 2.12oz and 4.5"x1.6"x4" perfectly fits in any pocket, briefcase or handbag.


• Frequency Range 1 MHz to 6.5 GHz


• Detects 2G, 3G, 4G signals


• 4 Mode Mini SPY Detector

• RF Detector for Bugs, Phones +

• Hidden Camera Detector wired/wifi cams

• Night Vision Camera Detector

• GPS Locator/Magnetic Field Detector

• Built-In Camera Detection Lens

• Adjustable Volume

• Includes GPS Tracker Detection Probe and Charge Cable

• Built-In long last rechargeable Battery 


• Super Compact size and lightweight

• Size: 4.5”H x 1.6”W x .4”D / Weight 2.12oz






                                Technical Specifications


Frequency Range:         1 MHz-6.5 GHz

Signals Detected:          2G, 3G, 4G

4 Function Modes:        RF Detection

                                         IR Camera Detection

                                         NV Camera Detection

                                         GPS Tracker-Magnetic Field Detection

2 Alerts:                           LED Display Alarm/Beeper audio

Controls:                          Volume

Size:                                  4.5"H x 1.6"W x .4"D

Weight:                            2.12 oz

Battery:                            Rechargeable built-in battery 

Operating Time:             30 hour full charge/60 Day standby

Includes:                          Built-in Battery, GPS Tracker Detection Probe Charge Cable

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