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Optoelectronics provides replacement battery packs for all of our current products and many of our products that are no longer in production.   If you do not see your product listed under any of the battery packs on this page please call us at 954-642-8997 to inquire about availability. 

4 cell NiCd

4 Cell NiCad

Replacement battery pack for Scout, Cub, 2600H, 2600H/A, 2810, 3000, 3300, M1/M1TCXO (newer version with 4 push buttons across the front panel)


M2 Battery Set

Replacement rechargeable 3 x Ni-Mh battery set for M2 unit ONLY.   Not for use with any other Optoelectronics products.




5 cell NiCd
6 cell NiCd

5 Cell NiCad

Replacement battery pack for CD100, Digital Scout, Spectrum Scout, Power Counter and Xplorer (newer version with separate volume and squelch knobs on the top of the unit)


6 Cell NiCad

Replacement battery pack for 3000A, R10 Interceptor, 8040, Xplorer (older version with single squelch/volume knob on top of unit)


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