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Digital Scout

Frequency Recorder

The Digital Scout RF frequency recorder / field strength meter is the only instrument capable of counting pulsed RF (digital signals), as well as conventional CW (analog signals) from 10MHz - 2.6GHz.

Until now, the only signals that a frequency counter could lock onto were analog signals. In addition to locking onto digital and analog signals, the Digital Scout has a calibrated signal strength measurement from -45dBm to -5dBm.

The Digital Scout also incorporates the Optoelectronics patented, Reaction Tune and the built-in RS232 port allows for the direct connection to a PC for real time datalogging and download of frequencies in memory.

Another breakthrough feature of the Digital Scout is the calibrated field strength measurement provided on the two line LCD display. The Digital Scout displays field strength in dBm with a signal strength bargraph serving as a reference. The Digital Scout reads and displays signal levels from -45dBm to -5dBm with an accuracy of +/- 5dBm. This feature is great for checking nearfield RF levels at remote sites, locating hidden transmitters, determining power levels from two-way radios and more.


Digital Modulations


The Digital Scout has both conventional CW as well as pulsed RF frequency measurement capability. RF pulses or bursts as short as 300uS in duration can be measured using a new pulse slicing technique which accumulates data from successive pulses. RF pulses can be either uniform and repetitive or may vary widely in duty cycle and duration. Different types of modulation can be accommodated as long as zero crossings are produced by the RF carrier. Signals such as DMR, TDMA, GSM, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), APCO 25, ON/OFF Keying, TETRA, RF remotes, RC controllers and other pulsed RF are capable of being detected by the Digital Scout.

The Digital Scout is not capable of counting Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS), CDMA and PCS.

Digital Scout Frequency Recorder

DB32 antenna shown sold separately




  • 10MHz - 2.6GHz frequency range

  • 4 hour battery operation

  • 2x16 alphanumeric LCD with EL backlight

  • Signal Strength reading displayed in dBm and bargraph -45dBm to -5dBm

  • +/- 5dBm signal strength accuracy

  • Memory download and real time datalogging using built-in RS232 interface (CBDS interface cable and OptoSuite Pro software sold separately)

  • Reaction Tune analog signals with ICOM IC PCR1000, R10, R20, R7000, R7100, R8500 and R9000. AOR AR8000 and AR8200. Optoelectronics Optocom, OS456/Lite, OS535 and R11.

  • 1000 memories with 65,000 hits per memory

  • Captures both Digital (Minimum 300uS RF pulse required) and Analog signals

  • Beeper and Vibrator alert

Download Digital Scout manual

Displays signal strength from -45dBm to -5dBm

                           Technical Specifications 


Frequency Range                      10MHz-2.6GHz

Input Impedance                       50 Ohm

Resolution                                   1kHz and 100Hz

Max Input                                    +15dBm (50mW)

Signal Strength                    -45dBm to -5dBm

Signal Accuracy                   Relative signal strength +/- 5ppm

Digital Modulations                   GSM,TDMA,TETRA,APCO 25,FHSS

Frequency Time Base              10MHz +/- 1ppm initial accuracy

Display                                         2x16 alphanumeric LCD with EL backlight

Size                                               3.7"H x 3"W x 1.75" D

Power Requirements                9-12VDC, 300-1000mA, center +

Battery                                         Internal rechargeable 5 cell NiCd

Battery run time                        4-5 hours on full charge

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