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N100 FM Notch Filter

If you live in or near a metropolitan area chances are very good that the RF from FM transmitters is present. The N100 FM Notch Filter is designed to provide 30dB of attenuation for signals in the FM broadcast band of 88-108MHz.


All of our Optoelectronics nearfield devices look for a signal that is 15dB above the background RF floor. Once it detects that dominant signal it stops and locks on that signal and displays the frequency.


FM stations are very strong signals that can raise the background RF floor significantly. If you have the possibility to lower your background RF by 30dB then the signal(s) of interest have less RF to climb through in order to be detected by the frequency counter or nearfield receiver. This allows signals to be captured from a greater distance than without the N100, or lower power transmitters to be detected that once could not because the background RF levels were too high.



N100 FM notch filter
Digital Scout / N100


N100 shown with Digital Scout and DB32 antenna

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