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Power Counter / Power Meter Kit

The Power Counter kit includes everything you'll need to perform quick checks on radio transmitters with a frequency range of 10MHz-2.6GHz. Measure the power levels from 10mW up to 5 watts or +37dBm to 0 dBm.


The 30 pc RF connector kit that is included allows you to configure almost any type of connector.

6 Universal Centers, 2 N Male, 2 N Female, 2 TNC Male, 2 TNC Female, 2 SMA Male, 2 SMA Female
2 Reverse Polarity SMA Male, 2 Reverse Polarity SMA Female, 2 Reverse Polarity TNC Male

2 Reverse Polarity TNC Female, 1 BNC Male, 1 BNC Female, 1 MMCX Male, 1 MMCX Female, 1 Handy Carry Case


With the DC car power adatper you can operate and power the Power Counter while on the go.

Power Counter kit

Kit Includes:

Power Counter, 30 pc RF Connector Kit, DC90 and CC90

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